Asus vs Lenovo laptop comparison, which is better? 
- Which is better Asus or Lenovo laptops? Actually all brands of laptops are the same, depending on what laptops they want to use and what the treatment of the laptop is. And of course to be able to enjoy the highest quality laptops, you have to pay more.

Asus and Lenovo are laptop brands that currently still exist by presenting the latest type that has always been a mainstay. As Asus VivoBook is a mainstay of Asus.

While Lenovo is still satisfied with the Lenovo ThinkPad series. In addition to presenting laptops for general activities, both of these brands have laptops specifically for gaming, Asus ROG and Lenovo Legion.

According to IDC in 2015, Lenovo ranked first as the best-selling laptop in the world, followed by HP in second place and Asus in sixth.

This data is summarized based on sales from all over the world. But the data does not seem to change much, considering that up to now Lenovo is still consistently providing low prices for its products.

Which is Better Asus vs Lenovo?

In terms of laptop prices, Lenovo is indeed much cheaper than its competitors such as Asus, Dell, Acer, and Axioo. No wonder that Lenovo beat Asus as the best-selling laptop brand. But in terms of specifications and performance which is better, Asus or Lenovo?

Advantages and disadvantages of Asus laptops

Before knowing which is better Asus or Lenovo laptops, of course there must be a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two best laptop brands.

For Asus laptops, many argue that the design and endurance of the body is very strong compared to Lenovo which if too often used its case will stretch and vibrations will arise when turning on music or watching videos out loud.

The next advantage of Asus laptops is a better graphical display so that it can provide comfort for its users. While Lenovo is slightly below Asus, but still can provide a sense of comfort when used.

The disadvantage of Asus laptops is that the battery life is too wasteful. This might be understandable because Asus laptops are indeed more devoted to the use of heavy applications such as games and video editors.

In addition Asus too often issued a new type of laptop that might be confusing for some people to choose which Asus laptop to buy.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo Laptops

The advantages of Lenovo laptops is that the battery life is quite good and consistent. Compared to Asus, Lenovo laptop batteries are better if used for a long time. Even when in a charged condition, Lenovo laptops will remain at 100% even though they are in a used condition.

Furthermore, if you listen to music on a Lenovo laptop, the sound is clearer, especially when connected to Dolby Digital speakers. And the fan rotation sound on the engine is also smoother than Asus, but when playing games that require power, the fan sound from each laptop is the same.

The disadvantages of Lenovo laptops is its limited service centers in several countries. So if there is damage to your laptop, inevitably have to bring it to an unofficial service. In addition, specifically for the Z series Lenovo laptops are considered to be very bad and out of date.

Which is the best, Asus or Lenovo?

Well, the conclusion of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the laptops above is that Lenovo could be the right choice if you are looking for a cheap price laptop with a pretty guaranteed quality.

As for those of you who have more money, Asus is the right choice to support activities that require laptops with excellent performance such as for playing games or editing videos. Which do you think is better, Asus vs Lenovo laptop?