How to increase brand awareness to grow your business (7 tips)

how to increase  brand awareness

Business can be considered successful if it is known by many people. Whether it's a digital business, food, or even a clothing business.

Maybe you often see businesses that are quiet or even bankrupt, even though it's only been running for a few months. Usually this happens because of the lack of consumer interest in the business product.

Then, how do you make your business known by buyers? One of them is by increasing brand awareness.

So, surely you will ask again, how do you increase brand awareness? The following is a complete explanation to answer your question.

How to Increase Brand Awareness

Literally, brand awareness aims to make customers recognize a brand very well. Usually, building brand awareness requires a long process, it is even difficult for beginners.

The reason is, some businesses only focus on things that are visible physically, and ignore the brand that is one of the foundations in a business. Here are some ways to increase brand awareness for your business:

1. Build Identity with a Logo and Tagline

Many people have to close their businesses in a short time. After being evaluated, it turned out that one of the reasons was that their logo and tagline were less attractive to consumers.

No need to make a long tagline, just a few words but leave an impression. You can also come up with a tagline that's 'provocative', but in a nice way, so it's easy to remember.

Take the example of Nike, although the logo looks simple, but with the tagline "Just Do It.", Making this sports company easy to remember and attract the attention of many people.

2. Actively Build Interaction on Social Media

Since its inception until now, social media has become an important factor in marketing business brands. Through social media, a brand can reach consumers more effectively and efficiently.

You can introduce your brand to consumers and get them involved in the brand narrative that you create. If this is done properly, your customers will trust you in your brand.

However, ways to increase brand awareness will work if done consistently. Which means you have to be active on social media, by responding to all questions and offering attractive offers.

3. Create an Informative Website

Website can be a means to introduce the brand to consumers in a more complete manner. Even though there is social media, a website is also a must-have because it can become the identity of a brand.

Make a website that is attractive and well accessible to visitors. And make sure you create informative content that can answer the curiosity of visitors. You can create content in the form of product campaigns, events, promos, and business profiles.

4. Cooperate with Famous Brands

Collaborating with big brands can be a way to build powerful brand awareness. You can become a sponsor or hold an event with a brand that already has a name.

That way, your brand logo will be displayed on the banner or promotional banner of the big brand. In addition, you will likely get the opportunity to advertise in print and electronic media at a lower price.

But what you need to pay attention to is that you have to choose a brand that has the same product and target market. Because it will be useless to work with a clothing brand, while your business is engaged in the F&B sector.

5. Promos and Giveaway

Lately, giveaway has become a topic that is often discussed. Many well-known public figures and brands hold giveaway to get visitors and build brand awareness.

If you feel capable, this strategy can be tried. In addition to giveaway, you can also provide promos in the form of discounts or cashback. However, by offering certain conditions, such as sharing product posts from brands to Facebook or other social media.

6. Post Ads

You can try creating advertising materials and placing them on digital media as a strategy to build brand awareness. Advertising can be a bridge to reach a broad range of consumers.

You can create an ad in the form of an image or video that explains your brand and product completely.

7. Hire Influencers

Apart from working with well-known brands, you can also pay influencers to promote your brand. Indeed, it requires a lot of money, but by hiring influencers, your brand will be easier for many people to know.

Especially if the influencer has a big influence in the digital environment. Every brand or product that is promoted must be an inspiration for its followers.

Increasing brand awareness by attracting influencers is very popular, used by many business people to introduce their new brand.


One example of brand awareness that we often see is a business run by a public figure that can develop in a short time because it has succeeded in getting people's attention with the brand interest they have built.

But if you want to build brand awareness you have to become a public figure? Of course not.

Anyone has the opportunity to build brand awareness, as long as they follow several ways to increase brand awareness in this article. The key is to seek new knowledge regarding business development in the digital era.