The difference between Samsung vs iPhone, which one is better?

Samsung vs iPhone, which one is better?

Samsung vs iPhone - Samsung and iPhone are two smartphone brands that are still competing. Many say the two brands are related because they say the Samsung logo is a piece of an apple on the Apple logo. Even if it's just a joke, it still makes sense. So, Samsung vs iPhone, which one is better?

These two brands are marketed for different classes. iPhone focuses on flagship, while Samsung is more diverse. However, many smartphone users compare Samsung vs iPhone in terms of engine performance, camera quality, and design.

If we talk about which brand is better, smartphones from Samsung and Apple have their own market.

The two most popular brands in the world also have different operating systems. Samsung with Android while the iPhone relies on the iOS operating system which is a special technology for smartphones from Apple, giving it an exclusive impression.

Samsung vs iPhone, which one is better?

Samsung vs iPhone

Android is an operating system developed by Google. While iOS was built and developed by Apple, an American technology company founded by Steve Jobs.

Samsung and Apple have their own advantages and disadvantages. But if you look further, Samsung is much better than Apple.

In terms of flexibility, Samsung vs iPhone is very clear. Samsung encourages users to use third party launchers available on Google Play.

Unlike Apple, which limits its users and only allows the use of Apple products. If likened to a country, then Apple is North Korea.

In addition, for those of you who want a quality gaming cellphone, don't even glance at the iPhone from Apple, because iOS is not designed for gaming.

Even though the App Store also provides a variety of interesting games, most of the RAM and storage media on the iPhone is limited, which will certainly be heavy if you play large games. Except for the newest product, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Comparison of Samsung and iPhone

Samsung vs iPhone

As explained at the beginning, the difference between Samsung and iPhone is in the operating system. In addition, the price of the iPhone is much more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy series with the same specifications and quality.

Apple as an iPhone developer admits that their products are made specifically for the upper middle class elite. Meanwhile, Samsung has more variations of cheap and expensive smartphones.

As the leading smartphone brand in the world, the iPhone design and appearance are often used as a trendsetter for smartphone products from other brands. This phenomenon keeps the iPhone's fame still up until now.

In addition, if we compare Samsung vs iPhone in terms of appearance, of course the iPhone is in the top position. Because, the design is very futuristic and puts forward the market's need for an elegant and luxurious smartphone.

Furthermore, in terms of brand image, iPhone still outperforms Samsung in the world smartphone market.


For the question which is better Samsung vs iPhone, the answer depends on the need. If you want a smartphone at a price that is not too expensive, the choice is of course Samsung.

Apart from being affordable, smartphones manufactured by Samsung are also known to have good quality. Suitable for use as a gaming cellphone or browsing and social media needs.

But if you want to have a smartphone that is exclusive and looks luxurious, the iPhone can be a solution. So, after reading the reviews, which do you think is better, Samsung or iPhone?